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At Woodenshark, we make electronic products from a napkin sketch to happily-ever-after. Since being estabilished in 2012, we've been involved with 70+ hardware startups including a dozen of in-house projects. We cover all bases, but these are categories we have our best expertise in:
- Wearable electronics
- Internet of Things
- Smart Home
- Low Power Solutions
- LED Lighting
- Sporty Trackers
- GPS Trackers
At Woodenshark, we make electronic products from a napkin sketch to happily-ever-after. Since being estabilished in 2012, we've been involved with 70+ hardware startups including a dozen of in-house projects. We cover all bases, but these are categories we have our best expertise in:
- Wearable electronics
- Internet of Things
- Smart Home
- Low Power Solutions
- LED Lighting
- Sporty Trackers
- GPS Trackers

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Even vague idea needs to be worked through from the very beginning. We adopt and nurture it so to become solid basis for future implementation.
Product & Resources Planning
Mapping out your product’s realization will save you time and resources for the following development phases. When it comes to implementation it’s crucial to evaluate resources you possess so to be sure you’re ready to bring your concept into being.
Intellectual property and patenting
We care about intellectual property so NDA can be signed if needed before our first meeting. We will also support you in creating your own, unique product and patenting any innovative solutions.
Due Diligence
In the heat of creativity don’t miss cold math: investment attractiveness and profitability of your future product are the factors to be taken into consideration from the very beginning.
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Any idea must be proved to be feasible. Here comes PoC — an initial embodiment of your mental project made up from off-the-shelf components which is supposed to justify concept.
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Product design
Modern design means that all aspects are taken into account: the technical issues as well as the appearance and ergonomics. Our team of designers, technicians and engineers ensures the optimal solution for both the form and the content of the device. We go all the way from sketches, 3D-modeling, and visualization to production-ready samples.
Engineering Expertise
Our specialists analyse prototypes and countertypes of the new design in accordance with customer specifications and the latest market trends.
Cost Review
Even with incomplete data we can provide you with a range of costs based on our experience.


The prototype is the first work-like look-like embodiment of your inventive thought and, although thus far crude, a visual example of design solutions. What you missed in your thought experiments can be easily identified on the prototype and become a basis for further refinement and development.
Consulting Factories with Designs & Blueprints
Our managers’ team collaborates with our partners all over the world (China, UK...) and can get a quick response on the provided data for test sample manufacturing.
Cost Estimation
With prototype you’ll get more precise evaluation of a full manufacturing cost that is essential for pricing and financial planning. Be aware of the fact that a cost for a prototype itself is always much higher than for a batch because of large number of manually performed operations related to the production and assembly of the product’s components.
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Our designated specialists are in charge for selecting components, keeping information on them up-to-date, checking their availability and scheduling delivery dates. They also reveal critical and high-value components and perform additional research on them including replaceability, sourcing, support level, shelf life, lead time and so on.
Quality Control Planning
Working out an early strategy for quality control procedures is essential. At this phase the following steps for functional control and assembly testing are accomplished:
  • development of testing systems and quality control criteria during production stages;
  • design and manufacturing of JTAG/ICT testing benches;
  • development of automated or manual testing processes.
BOM Planning
During prototyping phase BOM usually is subject to continuous change as different concepts are being tested, same parts may be produced by different vendors or even at bench scale e.t.c. But when things settle down and it comes to refining the design then the amount of possible changes drastically reduces, it’s time to create more detailed manufacturing BOM that will provide data for:
  • Lead-time for the materials
  • Cost of Goods Sold(COGS)
  • Manufacturing processes
  • Quality of the Design for Assembly
  • Supply chain robustness
  • Cash flow requirements


We balance business cases, trade-off features, and select appropriate manufacturing processes to create a strong market fit for your product.
Factory Selection
Choosing a reliable manufacturing partner is a decision can’t be made without sufficient experience and established manufacturers’ base. Being already involved in your project at development stage, our managers have a deep understanding of the product and can promptly perform factory search. So you’ll get access to production sites in Europe and South-East Asia.
Factory Audit
We accomplish factories audit regarding legal, quality, materials aspects. Our designated specialists provides deep insight on all the pros and cons of selected partners so to narrow the search and make a decision.
Quality Control System Approval
All that was done during the QC planning stage, should be clarified with the potential contract manufacturer. You must be sure that the selected manufacturer has a capability to establish a QC control system appropriate for your product.


The outcomes can range from a first works-like looks-like prototype to share with investors, to a pilot production run to be used in market testing.
Sourcing Assistance and/or Setup
WS may help in supply chain optimization and in reducing risks along the way. Our team can assist you in sourcing, assessing and verifying your supply chain so you can make credible, fact-based sourcing decisions.
Production Control
WS seasoned managers and engineers can be your eyes and ears on manufacturing site to ensure all production stages are held properly. If any quality problems are found at this stage, managers can force the supplier to work on a corrective action plan. It is a way to document an issue to make sure it is repaired appropriately and also avoided for repeat orders.
Quality Control System Enforcement
As the product and brand owner, you more than anyone are interested in maintaining a constant level of quality established and approved at the production setup stage. However, there is a common tendency for a contractors to make small changes, guided by their own benefits, which ultimately leads to a gradual degradation of the quality of the final product. That’s why routine QC enforcement is a must-to-do thing.
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With our prototype-driven approach, our goal is make product as real as possible, as fast as possible.
Ongoing Production Control & Tuning
When production has started you still need someone on the ground to perform oversight, improvements and urgent remedies if something goes wrong.
After attaining a steady processes it’s time for production optimization and implementation of quality improvements.
Shipment Planning
Proper shipment planning takes into consideration various factors: procuring the goods, storage facilities, and delivery of products to the exact location.
Apart from these, the other parameters are – time, transportation, and the costs. Our supply chain specialists consider all key factors for the whole operation. Besides, they can quickly come up with an emergency plan in the case of unforeseen circumstances so the risk of logistics failure is minimized.
Quality Control Enforcement & Audit
As the product and brand owner, you more than anyone are interested in maintaining a constant level of quality established and approved at the production setup stage. However, there is a common tendency for contractors to make small changes, guided by their own benefits, which ultimately leads to a gradual degradation of the quality of the final product. That’s why routine QC enforcement & audit is a must-to-do thing.
Product Global Logistics
When you are dealing with modern device development it's obvious that your target market is not limited by local consumers. So global logistics comes on the stage and if being well arranged - it ensures timely and efficient distribution of goods from producers to consumers managing the flow of goods through the supply chain.


No time to relax, it's just the beginning...
Customer support
No device, app or service is flawless and everlasting in the long run, no matter how developers or stakeholders would like it to be. Devices may break down, apps may freeze and services may crash. But the main thing here - users shouldn't be left alone in this battle, and the Woodenshark support squad will back them anytime.
Besides, customers may need help regarding the use of the product, its features, updates and so on. Who would read manuals when it’s much easier to contact a support?!
Project Engineering Revision
Constant search for the best solution as well as users feedback analysis provide our development team with the necessary information about the product shortcomings. We collect and prioritize such information that may eventually entail the release of a new build of the product.


Let people know about you / Obtain and hold consumers sympathies
Our graphic designers can create eye-catching logos and brand books reflecting the visual identity and your product image that will resonate with target audiences. This will help consumers quickly recognise it among competitors’ ones.
Visual Design
As they say - first impressions are the most lasting.
We create a holistic aesthetic of the product by the subtle balance of imagery, color, shapes, typography, and form. Such approach enhances usability and improves the user experience.
Our marketers can provide support both of a full product lifecycle and separate phases e.g. boosting product market introduction, increasing its growth rate, extending the maturity stage and easing the pace of the decline.
Doesn't matter whether you are a startup worth everyone to know about or an accomplished enterprise whose reputation needs a bit of fine-tuning, we can provide you with public relations expertise, including: strategic communications, product launch, crowdfunding campaigns and social media coverage.
Advertisement Production
Our art team can design and produce for you printing advertising assets (handouts, flyers, catalogs) or create an authentic live action or animated video clip, or even a thematic video game. All that can be used on an exhibition or related public event to draw customers attention.
Media Kit
Think of a media kit as both a thoroughly designed and composed presentation of your product or company and at the same time - a bail for media and leads on the related exhibitions and events. It's a crucial item in your PR inventory that can be extracted when it's needed most.

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Timeline: 2020 Blanc is a perfectly tailored full-cover face mask fitted out with the FDA-approved replaceable HEPA filters that protect against 99.9% of harmful particles. More >
Timeline: 2017 Lightpack is a lighting set that brings you a whole new experience while watching movies by lightening the background of your TV and room. Lightpack uses complex, patented algorithms to process the input video signal and conduct this ambient backlight orchestra. More >
Timeline: 2016 TapTap connects you and your beloved one as if you never left each other. Your beloved is the only one who will feel that you touched your wristband.No matter how far away you are from each other, it feels like you just touched his hand. Two TapTap wristbands are connected only to each other, same as you two are. More >
Timeline: 2018 Resero-Whistle is a safety device for recreational activity operating both as a tracker and emergency beacon. Implementation of 2-channel tracking scheme (via GSM and LPWAN) makes it more reliable in areas with poor communication such as distant mountain routes. More >
Timeline: 2019 Counter is designed to collect traffic data in stores, common areas, parking spots, public places like parks, squares stations. More >
Timeline: 2019 Built-in sensor detects above-threshold acceleration and the in-between period shows how long the vehicle was in motion. Data is transferred wirelessly. More >
Timeline: 2019


Convenient tiny badge-like camera that blends in your outfit and looks like an elegant accessory. Operate it with a button or via app. Keep calm and take a shot.
Timeline: 2017 Smart safety ring allows to easily notify the chosen safety circle in case of emergency. Safety circle may include family, friends, emergency services, nearest members of the Nimb community, and can be adjusted in a phone app. Available in a wide variety of sizes. More >
Timeline: 2016 Dash button for instant order on Amazon of a predefined amount of your favorite beverage. Fix it where you want and press every time you need a refilling. Amazon service will do the rest. More >
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