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We mix science & design to develop helpful technology products that people love. bird
Timeline: 2020 Blanc is a perfectly tailored full-cover face mask fitted out with the FDA-approved replaceable HEPA filters that protect against 99.9% of harmful particles. More >
Timeline: 2017 Lightpack is a lighting set that brings you a whole new experience while watching movies by lightening the background of your TV and room. Lightpack uses complex, patented algorithms to process the input video signal and conduct this ambient backlight orchestra. More >
Timeline: 2016 TapTap connects you and your beloved one as if you never left each other. Your beloved is the only one who will feel that you touched your wristband.No matter how far away you are from each other, it feels like you just touched his hand. Two TapTap wristbands are connected only to each other, same as you two are. More >
Timeline: 2018 Resero-Whistle is a safety device for recreational activity operating both as a tracker and emergency beacon. Implementation of 2-channel tracking scheme (via GSM and LPWAN) makes it more reliable in areas with poor communication such as distant mountain routes. More >
Timeline: 2019 Bluetooth Low Energy-based counter is designed to collect traffic data in stores, common areas, parking spots, public places like parks, squares stations. More >
Timeline: 2019 Built-in sensor detects above-threshold acceleration and the in-between period shows how long the vehicle was in motion. Data is transferred wirelessly with the use of MOECO Bluetooth Low Energy technology. More >
Timeline: 2019


Convenient tiny badge-like camera that blends in your outfit and looks like an elegant accessory. Operate it with a button or via app. Keep calm and take a shot.
Timeline: 2017 Smart safety ring allows to easily notify the chosen safety circle in case of emergency. Safety circle may include family, friends, emergency services, nearest members of the Nimb community, and can be adjusted in a phone app. Available in a wide variety of sizes. More >
Timeline: 2016 Dash button for instant order on Amazon of a predefined amount of your favorite beverage. Fix it where you want and press every time you need a refilling. Amazon service will do the rest. More >
Timeline: 2014 Midrange class wireless headphones with cameras and microphone built in ear caps that allows capture 1080p FullHD 180 degree video and audio. Media files are stored in the on-board memory and uploaded to the smartphone via WiFi or USB cable. More >
Timeline: 2017 Convenient tiny badge-like camera that blends in your outfit and looks like an elegant accessory. Operate it with a button or via app. Keep calm and take a shot. More >
Timeline: 2017 Assistant device for visually impaired people with the functions of obstacle avoidance, geo-navigation (GPS/GLONASS support) and image recognition. Can operate autonomously, without mobile network. More >
Timeline: 2017 Brings together AI, computer vision and advanced biometrics to redefine home security. More >
Timeline: 2018 Gateway owners benefit from buying and using such standalone gateways either for their own MOECO devices (reduction of data collection costs) or providing access to other users and receiving coins for each data transfer. More >
Timeline: 2016 Smart wooden toy that extends your child's sensitive and emotional experience through constant interaction. More >
Timeline: 2017 Portable movie theater for kids with built-in access to entertainment & educational streaming platforms. More >
Timeline: 2015 3D scanning chamber designed for shooting smooth 360° video of the product or a model so it can be used for creating a 3D view that will be embedded in an online shop or mobile app. More >

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